With all these millennial terms and sayings floating around the internet, it can be rather confusing to really know what we mean when say you’re a savage or our fam. So, we thought it would only be appropriate to define them for you. Stay woke and prepare to be shooketh.


Adulting – To do something an adult would do and be proud of it. Show the world you are an adult by meal prepping, doing your taxes, or going to a workout class on a Sunday morning. Be proud.
Bae – Before. Anyone. Else. Bae ❤
Basic – What you call something you’ve seen multiple times before. Unordinary and standard.
Blessed – To be lucky or privileged.
Bruh – Another way of saying bro.
Clap Back – When someone disses you and you have to own your comeback with some attitude.
Dead – When you see or hear something hilarious, you respond with dead. It’s like an over-emphasized “lmao”.
Extra – To be over the top, usually for no given reason. Being so dramatic.
Fam – The word you use to describe your closest friends in your squad, or literally also your family. They’re your fam.
Fire – An adjective used when something is reallllly good.
Fleek – When something is on point. Typically also used when describing someone’s perfect eyebrows. They on fleek.
Glo Up – When someone suddenly gets really attractive. See our how-to here.
Goals – Used as an adjective when describing something you desperately wish to have. You can add “AF” at the end for extra emphasis.
It’s Lit – When something is so awesome and exciting that you can’t describe it with words such as awesome and exciting. You can also just use “lit” as an adjective when something it really popping.
Savage – To act bad-ass but even better. You’re savage.
Send It – To confidently do something. Saying yes and not thinking about it.
Shade – To diss someone. You can also “throw shade”.
Shook – Being very shocked and surprised. You can also say you’re “shooketh”.
Slay – To do a really good job at something.
Sus – When something is shady and suspicious. Someone can also act sus.
Thirsty – Being too desperate and eager.
Woke – To be alarmed at the news of something. Staying up to date. Staying woke.
Yas – When you’re so excited about something that yes just doesn’t cut it. Yaaasssss!!!


Bye Felicia – When someone you don’t care about leaves. They’re a Felicia.
I can’t even – When you just can’t handle something.
Netflix & Chill – What guys (or girls) typically say when they want to hang out and watch movies but don’t actually want to watch movies. You get what I mean.
Sorry not Sorry – When you don’t care if something you just said upset someone.
Spilling the Tea – To let someone know about the gossip that’s been going on in your squad.
The struggle is real – Ironically used when someone thinks they’re having a difficulty, but it’s really a first world problem.