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New York Sports: The Greatest Fans & The Greatest Teams

The New York metropolitan area – with NINE major professional sports teams – is America’s sports metropolis. And with more than 20 million residents, there are plenty of fans to befriend! New York Islanders (NHL) For the 2018-19 season,...

10 Midtown Dinner Destinations

From Michelin-starred tasting menus to brash and buzzy newcomer restaurants, Midtown boasts a wealth of opportunities to indulge your inner gourmand. Whether you’re looking for an after-theatre meal or a standout splurge, each of these dinner options offers a...

Ladies Who (Weekday) Lunch

There’s a certain special delight to sneaking—or strutting—out for a long, luxurious, full-on lunch… right in the middle of the week. For those ladies and lads who have the leisure to stretch out and enjoy a delightful midday repast,...

Find Your Way To These Hudson Valley Historic Houses

The palisades above New York’s Hudson River valley have played host to some of the city’s most famous (and fabulously wealthy) families. From Rockefellers to Roosevelts to revolutionary war era estates, these stately homes are hidden gems – hidden,...

The Nitty-Gritty History of Old New York

If you’ve seen the movie Gangs of New York, you may have gotten a feel for what New York was like back in the day. But the history of this city, its inception (the origin, not the movie), is...

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