Cabin Dining FAQ

How long is the reservation for the cabin? The cabin reservation is for one hour and forty five minutes.

Are the cabins private? Yes, there are 2 cabins and we only allow 1 party per cabin at a time.

How many people can be in the cabins? 10 maximum, but 6-8 would be most comfortable.

Can I change my party size before the booking? Yes, feel free to bring more people as long as you don’t exceed 10 guests.

Can I bring a cake or dessert? Yes, our fee is $7 per person for outside desserts.

Can I bring decorations? Balloons and larger decorations are allowed, but we do not allow confetti or smaller decorations. Decorations will need to be set up right before or at the time of your reservation.

My date’s not available, what do I do? Cabins are available to book 30 days in advance. If you do not see a time you would like it is most likely already booked. We suggest booking your next choice for a reservations.