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WAYE: The Future of Social Reality and Social Interaction

April 25
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
At: Arlo SoHo (NYC)


WAYE Talk 2: The Future of Social Reality and Social Interaction

What will the future of social interactions look like in a world where the initial touch-points for personal, professional, and transactional relationships are almost entirely digital? Our online behavior has replaced the need for physical proximity and our social profiles have evolved into our curated identities. So what does this mean for brands, who will have growing access to our personal communities through digital touch-points? And for individuals, who’s digital identity will serve as the marker for physical reality.

Join us Wednesday, April 25th where WAYE Founder, Sinead Bovell, will sit down with world renowned expert and lecturer in innovation, foresight, and business design, Alexander Manu, to learn about the emerging present of social reality.

“…A world in which everything is social, augmented and autonomous.” – Alexander Manu


About WAYE Talks

Welcome to WAYE Talks- a relaxed, engaging, and interactive learning experience about the latest innovations in business and technology. At WAYE Talks, we converse with the experts to learn about the digital changes happening in our world and how they will impact us in our daily lives. From artificial intelligence to the future of social media we ask the question- what should we know and do today, in our personal and professional lives, to better prepare us for tomorrow